Leading Ireland’s Future Together (LIFT) Post-Primary Schools Programme Training 26.8.2021

LIFT Ireland is a not-for-profit initiative aimed at increasing the level of positive leadership capabilities in Ireland. LIFT, which stands for ‘Leading Ireland’s Future Together’, does this through its eight-part, group learning programme. This training session will equip teachers to roll out LIFT in their own schools.

Why LIFT Schools?

  • Schools are a vital component of LIFT Ireland. To create a nation of leaders, we need to show students from an early stage what it takes to be a leader. LIFT Ireland’s leadership learning process is based on eight key leadership values. While partaking in LIFT’s programme, participants are introduced to one value per week, for 8 weeks. LIFT’s leadership learning process provides students with the foundation to become leaders in their own lives. Students that have taken part in LIFT have improved their listening skills, increased confidence and become more emphatic, understanding and positive.

About LIFT 

  • LIFT – Leading Ireland’s Future Together - is a platform to improve the quality of leadership in Ireland - from the kitchen table to the classroom, clubhouse and board room, through a focus on leadership attributes, character & values.   
  • Each of us is a potential leader; whether that is within our family, community, sports team, or an organisation. LIFT believes that by developing personal leadership qualities and abilities within each individual, we can develop a nation of stronger better leaders. 
  • Our vision is to make Ireland a better place by creating better leaders across society. Our aim is to that by 2028 (LIFT’s 10th anniversary), more than 10% of the Irish population will have engaged with LIFT. 


LIFT Schools Programme

LIFT trains a group of TY students to become LIFT facilitators so that they can run the 8 week LIFT programme amongst other students in their school – 2nd years are the most popular year to partner the TYs with. This training will be done through an interactive video which is provided to your school and should take approximately 1 – 1.5hrs.

The LIFT School’s co-ordinator Valerie O’Gorman will then come to your school to certify that the students have completed the training successfully and to launch LIFT in your school. Once this is complete, students and teachers are equipped with the knowledge and know-how to roll out LIFT in their school.

The learning process offered to schools covers the same material as our corporate programme. However, we have tailored the language and delivery so it is more engaging for students. LIFT’s leadership values include Listening, Positive Attitude, Respect, Resilience, Dedication & Determination, Empathy & Understanding, Innovation & Adaptability, and Honesty & Integrity.

Course Properties

Course date 26-08-2021 9:00 am
Course End Date 26-08-2021 1:00 pm
Registration Start Date 14-07-2021
Cut off date 26-08-2021 9:15 am
Individual Price Free
Speaker Sarah-Lyn McKenna Education Team LIFT Ireland
Number Hours 4
Location ZOOM online