Personal Development for Teachers 9.3.2021

This two-evening webinar for Primary and Post-Primary teachers will cover the following:

Inspiring Empowerment: A workshop on personal development for teachers; Goals, values, empowerment and change

 -Have you found difficulty in being consistent with your goals?

- Would you like to create a purposeful vision for your future?

- What steps can we take to overcome stress?

This is the personal development workshop for those that seek awareness, insights and change. The workshop focuses on values, purpose and creating awareness around a vision of the future. It explores the importance of overcoming stress in modern day society and discovering our true potential. Attendees will be provided with tools, resources and suggested readings. This is a workshop where the emphasis is on you and your future.

A Communication Workshop - The Power of Language, Rapport, and NLP.

- Would you like to communicate more effectively?

-  Would you like to learn the skills to easily build rapport?

- What is (NLP) neuro linguistic programming?

This workshop offers straightforward and simplistic steps to achieve more effective communication. We will explore the skill of developing rapport and the power of neuro linguistic programming. This is a comprehensive workshop that aims to aid all attendees with improving the art of communication. The workshop provides tools and demonstrates practical approaches that can aid in professional and personal circumstances. It explores the influence of values and perspective and aims to inspire.

Facilitator:     Neil Shanahan, primary school teacher and has completed a master’s degree in Ecology and Religion, exploring the relationship between science and spirituality. He is a qualified life coach and (NLP) neurolinguistics programming practitioner. Neil is passionate about personal development and has travelled all over the world to attend conferences and workshops in this field. His workshops focus on inspiring the goals and ambitions of the individuals who attend.

Course Properties

Course date 09-03-2021 5:00 pm
Course End Date 16-03-2021 6:30 pm
Registration Start Date 17-02-2021
Cut off date 09-03-2021 4:30 pm
Individual Price Free
Speaker Neil Shanahan, primary school teacher and has completed a master’s degree in Ecology and Religion,
Number Hours 3
Location ZOOM online